i2Act is an initiative to provide consulting, coaching, mentorship and guidance to new localized social initiatives. Increasingly it is obvious to all of us that unless local solutions of various kinds are taken up by citizens, many of our existing social issues are never going to be addressed or reduced. Across the world several local community actions are overcoming as diverse problems as afforestation, soil reclamation, water body and encroachment reclamation, organic food production and distribution, addressing the health needs of the elderly, security needs of the local community, creating awareness on new forms of threats and illnesses, creating local knowledge networks for sustainability and disaster response, etc.,

Chennai and Tamilnadu has several remarkable local community actions and some of the best known community work, whether it be solid waste management, roof top organic gardening, rain water harvesting or providing support to the abandoned people, have been pioneered in Chennai and today some of the most pioneering institutions in these sectors are based out of here.

If you have an idea that you feel can be converted into a local community /  social initiative, then you are a client for us. Yes, there are right attitudes and ideas to begin with, however, to formulate these into projects,initiatives and actions on the field requires a few skills, networking and knowledge. i2Act aims to provide you with just that.

The ventures supported by this consulting work are –

  • Neighbourhood Community Initiatives
  • Local / Neighbourhood School Initiatives
  • Local / Neighbourhood College Initiatives
  • Local area / Regional Corporate Social Responsibility Projects
  • Locally relevant Social Entrepreneurship

The team with a collective experience of more than 5 decades in the social sector will provide these services through regular workshops, one-on-one meetings, on-line courses and tele-cons at a very nominal cost. If you have an idea to change the society, this is time to act. Here is an introductory video on i2Act by Subha.

An initiative to provide consulting, coaching, mentorship and guidance to new localized social initiatives.